Seller Testimonials

I like what you have done with the new website! Combining new and old photos and highlighting 'New listing'.
 Now all we need is a buyer!

Tom Raus

Great New Website
30 April 2013

I would personally like to thank Anne and the sales team of First National for getting my commercial land over the line to settlement for me.  I live overseas and I found that the First National crew were knowledgable and also fully competent to deal with my paperwork without me having to engage the use of a lawyer.  You guys saved me much time and hassle - thank you very much.  I can recommend First National for being very pro-active and efficient.

Adam Smith

Thanks For Your Hard Work!
4 February 2013

I wanted to mention that the First National sales agents are second to none at giving vendor feedback.
I have had my rural property on the market for 2 months now and although we have not yet secured a buyer the agent communicates well with me and keeps me updated with progress on client views and feedback.  This is crucial for me especially as my wife and I live in Australia and have to deal long distance with our property portfolio. Thank you for the communication.

Good Vendor Feedback
16 January 2013

I would like to thank First National for their perseverance in getting my property sold - it was very much appreciated.

Peter Colmar
Port Vila

Perseverance Plus!
24 December 2012